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AWS Managed Cloud Services

We take operational tasks off your plate, and provide a team of qualified AWS experts you can call on 24x7.

We are a leader in managing AWS cloud environments at any scale. We offer a full suite of 24x7x365 AWS managed cloud services to ensure the availability and performance of your applications, and the optimization of your AWS  environment. We are cost effective too – typically saving our clients 30% of their AWS spend.

Our AWS Managed Services Include:


24x7 monitoring and incident response by a team of certified AWS experts

Cost Management

Optimization of your AWS environment to reduce your costs

Security & Compliance

Endpoint protection, threat & vulnerability management

Patching & Maintenance

Achieve operational excellence in accordance with ITIL principles

Data Backup

EC2 Instance and database data backup and restore.

Continuous Improvement

SRE lead environment review and Improvement recommendation & implementation

Choose the components you need to build your bespoke AWS Managed Service.

What our clients say

Great experience with Logicata, they are friendly, supportive and have full control in their domain, Awesome!

Faisal Faridi | Head of Development
DeenTek Solutions
We’re delighted to have saved 30% on our monthly AWS bills, which will drop straight to our bottom line. I can also sleep easy knowing that our AWS security has been independently verified.
Paul Fletcher | CEO


We provide proactive around-the-clock monitoring and incident response to ensure you achieve consistent site performance and 100% uptime.

24x7 Expert Support

Our team of AWS certified experts monitor your entire environment around the clock. We proactively inspect key application level metrics to ensure consistent performance.

Incident response

We provide a strong service level agreement to ensure you get timely investigation and remedy of issues along with root cause analysis.

aws managed service provider

Cost Management

On average we save our clients 30% on their AWS fees.

aws cost management

Removal, Rightsizing & Reservation

We provide comprehensive insight into your AWS usage to help you understand when and where you are accruing costs. We identify the optimum resources and instance types you require to reduce wastage and drive significant cost savings.

Spend Tracking & Budget Reporting

Logicata will configure detailed spend alerts to ensure that you are never caught with an unexpected or unwelcome bill.

Security & Compliance

We ensure that your AWS environment is secured against all types of threat so you can sleep easily while we ensure that your sensitive business data is safe from harm.

Threat & Vulnerability Management

A comprehensive service combining endpoint protection, log collection and proactive threat hunting. We identify and quarantine any malware, and provide a timely 24x7 response to security incidents.

Compliance Checks

We regularly audit your AWS environment to ensure compliance with many standards including PCI DSS, ISO27001, HIPAA etc.

aws managed security

Patching & Maintenance

Let your IT Team focus on delivering business value, while we take routine AWS management off your plate.

managed aws

OS Patching

We ensure operational excellence by performing updates, patches, and maintenance with the upmost of care and in accordance with strict ITIL standards.

Change Management

Logicata work seamlessly with your existing team and will implement changes to your AWS environment in accordance with your maintenance windows as required.

Data Backup

We back up your business data so you can be confident that no matter what incidents may occur, we can recover your data and keep your business running.

Cloud Instance Backup

We leverage AWS native snapshot functionality to create a custom backup schedule for your instance data. Our team are on hand 24x7 to restore data as required.

Cloud Database Backup

Logicata leverage AWS native tooling to back up the most commonly used database types on AWS, including Microsoft SQL, MySQL, Aurora, PosgreSQL and Oracle.

aws backup

Continuous Improvement

We help you align the the latest AWS technology advancements with your business needs & objectives.

continuous improvement

Improve Reliability, Efficiency & Security

Logicata service delivery managers work with your team and Logicata support to identify opportunities to improve the reliability of your infrastructure and applications.

Infrastructure Modernization

We work with your team to identify modernization opportunities which will increase the efficiency of your AWS environment - examples include migrating from IaaS to PaaS services, servers to serverless functions and so on.

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