InfrAssure: AWS Cloud managed services

Stop drowning in AWS tasks

Let us handle availability, performance and cost optimisation for you.

Relax, we’ve got your AWS operations covered

AWS services promise seamless scalability at your fingertips. 

And it delivers. 

But only if you’re on top of your maintenance game. Neglect this, and chaos quickly ensues.
But keeping up with operational tasks demands discipline and technical know-how. And that’s a constant drain on your energy and focus. 

So, avoid embarrassing tech meltdowns (and awkward conversations).

Let us handle it all for you:
  • Availability
  • Performance
  • Security and…
  • Cost Control.

Ready for hassle-free scalability?

Saved 30% on our AWS bills

“We’re delighted to have saved 30% on our monthly AWS bills. And that drops straight to our bottom line. Read the case study.”

Paul Fletcher

CEO Charanga

Our unique 9-point 
AWS management service

Nobody likes transparency more than us. So, with us, you’ll get monthly reporting and quarterly strategy sessions. 

That way, you’ll always know how your infrastructure is performing and what you should do next to maximise your potential with confidence. 

Monitoring & Capacity Management

Stay sharp with our proactive monitoring, no matter how fast you grow. We’ll optimize your AWS performance and act fast to prevent disruptions when capacity runs low. Saving you time and money.

Incident Management

Enjoy round-the-clock protection, every day of the year. So, whether it’s high noon or the dead of night, your operations will run as smoothly as a calm sea at sunrise. 

Cost Management

We believe your money should be in your piggy bank – not Amazon’s. So we’ll optimise your resources, secure discounts, and recommend strategic upgrades. Maximum value. Minimal waste. That’s our motto. 

Backup Monitoring

It’s easy to miss critical backup tasks. Too often businesses only realise their mistake when it’s too late. 

So we provide peace of mind and proactive protection to ensure your data is both secure and compliant. Phew. 

Access Management

The last thing you need is to spend time hunting down permissions or worrying about who has access to your systems.

That’s why we handle this for you, ensuring the right people have the right access.  All of the time. 

Asset and Change Management

You have a big box of AWS tools. We’ll keep tabs on them, tracking where they are, what they do and when they need maintenance. 

When you want to make a change, we’ll do it carefully so nothing breaks. Then we’ll track it with a digital paper trail you can rely on.

Endpoint Management & Protection

Cyber threats lurk everywhere. Endpoint security acts as a digital bodyguard, protecting your systems from attacks so your infrastructure stays patched and secure. 
And your reputation stays intact.

Landing Zone Best Practice

Our LogiZone service will ensure that your AWS account set-up is done right, following AWS’s prescriptive guidance to keep your infrastructure as safe and organised as possible. 

Continuous Improvement

Staying still in the dynamic world of AWS isn’t an option. We’ll help you stay one step ahead, identifying gaps and opportunities to keep your infrastructure evolving and optimised for the future.

Scale your business, not your AWS worries

Allowed us to focus on strategic tasks

Logicata gets full marks for their technical insights and designing a solution that fits your needs. They’ll go back and forth with you instead of trying to fit you into something one-size-fits-all.

Mohsin Bhally

DeenTek Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

Get up to speed with our FAQs


If you are confident that your team is across your AWS environment, and has the full range of skills required to cover Core Ops, Fin Ops and SecOps, then you’re unlikely to need to work with an MSP like us. 

But, if you’re kept awake at night by PagerDuty alerts, and your DevOps guy just resigned because he got a better offer, then you may get some consistency and peace of mind by working with a partner to support your infrastructure.

Yes – AWS does have it’s own Managed Services offering, which is geared towards large enterprise clients. If you have millions of dollars per month to spend on AWS, then they’ll mobilize. If you’re in the SMB & Mid-Market space, generally AWS will encourage you to work with a partner like Logicata to help you run your cloud infrastructure. 

Like many of our peers in the industry, our AWS Managed Services offering is based on a percentage of your AWS monthly spend.  We believe that’s a fair way to charge for our services – as the scale and complexity of your environment grows, there’s more for us to manage.  The exact percentage depends on a number of factors, which we’d love to discuss with you on a no obligation discovery call.

We get asked this a lot, and the answer is quite simple.  Logicata value long term customer relationships, rather than making a quick buck and moving on.  Our customers have access to the same tools and recommendations that we do in relation to cost optimization, so if we’re not actively making those recommendations to you and following up, you’ll be able to call us out on that.  And if we’re not making those recommendations, there are no shortage of competitors who will offer to do a free review of your AWS spend, to point out where savings could be made.  And if we optimize your costs, you’ll have more money to invest in growing your business, which ultimately should result in an increased spend.

Don’t Let IT Infrastructure Hold You Back

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