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Logicata's experienced AWS Experts help you achieve a successful migration to AWS cloud. Speak directly to AWS Experts, leverage our AWS Expertise.
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Want to Migrate to AWS?

You need to understand:
  • Why are you looking to migrate?
  • What are your goals?
  • Are you looking to save money?
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Our AWS Migration Service Will Help you to:


Review your current People, Processes and Technology to ensure alignment with your business goals. Identify and prioritize applications for migration.

Design & Build

Design & build an AWS landing zone that meets your specific performance, uptime, cost, security & compliance requirements.


Securely migrate your on premises workloads to the AWS cloud with minimal interruption to your business.

What Are The Benefits of Migrating to AWS?

Lower Costs

You could significantly reduce your IT Infrastructure costs - on average businesses reduce costs by 31% and some by as much as 51% when migrating to AWS.

Increased Business Agility

You can free up valuable resources to focus on delivering business value - on average businesses see a 62% increase in staff productivity when migrating to AWS. You will also have access new cloud services to help you innovate.

Improved Application Uptime

You can reduce business risk by increasing application uptime - on average businesses migrating to AWS see a 94% reduction in downtime.


Logicata AWS Experts help you to lay solid foundations for a successful migration to the AWS cloud.  We review your People, Processes and Technology and highlight any changes you may need to make to be ready for a cloud migration.

Establish Goals

Are you ready to move to the AWS Cloud? Our Cloud Readiness Assessment will look at your people, processes and technology to ensure that all are aligned.

Analyze Workloads

We analyze your on premise workloads and forecast run costs in the AWS cloud. Leveraging AWS TSO Logic, we perform an Optimization and Licensing assessment to measure your current resource utilisation and licensing usage. This assists in designing your AWS cloud solution. We help to identify your specific security, compliance and budget requirements.

Identify Application Dependencies

We group applications together to help identify candidates for migration proof of concept, and ensure continuity of service during the migration.

aws tco comparison

Design & Build

Our skilled & experienced Cloud Architects will design an AWS environment in accordance with best practice, leaving you and your team to focus on innovation.  Your design will factor in any specific performance, uptime, cost, security and compliance requirements identified at the ‘Assess’ phase.

aws landing zone

Design a Reference Architecture

Logicata cloud experts will design an AWS reference architecture for your application environment. Where appropriate, Logicata will work with an AWS Solutions Architect to validate our designs to ensure that you are leveraging the latest technology in the AWS Cloud.

Security & Compliance Controls

Our team will implement all required security and compliance controls identified during the assessment phase. This will include configuration of AWS security features such as Identity & Access Management (IAM) CloudTrail, Guard Duty etc, plus any third party tools required to ensure the security of your data in the AWS cloud.

Integrate 3rd Party Tooling

Any third party tools required to operate your cloud environment will be integrated and configured. This may include third party vendor solutions for monitoring, cost optimization, security posture management and so on.


Once your AWS Cloud environment is ready to receive workloads, Logicata engineers will execute the migration plan with minimal disruption to your business operations.

Execute Migration

We leverage AWS CloudEndure software or AWS Server Migration Service to replicate your applications to AWS without interruption to service. We also leverage the AWS Database Migration Service to migrate your on premise databases to AWS.

Test and Refine

At all stages we work seamlessly with your team to ensure there is zero downtime and that all applications are functioning as expected in your new AWS cloud environment.

AWS CloudEndure

Perhaps you're wondering?...

Why don’t I just use the AWS SaaS tools myself?

You absolutely can, but don’t forget that the tools are only there for execution. In order to successfully execute, you’re going to need a rock-solid plan. If you’re comfortable that you have the knowledge and experience to plan effectively, and to execute without the help of a qualified partner, crack on! But perhaps you’ve seen DIY videos with someone showing you how to use certain tools, like a plasterer’s trowel for example. Ever then tried to do it yourself? Just saying…

Could I just work directly with AWS?

Yes – AWS does have it’s own professional services organisation, which is geared towards large enterprise clients. If you have millions of dollars per month to spend on AWS, then they’ll mobilize. If you’re in the SMB & Mid-Market space, generally AWS will encourage you to work with a partner like Logicata to help you on your journey to the cloud. Or you could do the migration yourself if you’re feeling lucky!

can Logicata offer Migration Services free of charge?

Not always – but it’s a genuine desire on our part, not just a catchy marketing gimmick. We want to be your trusted advisor, acting as an extension of your team, optimising your AWS environment for availability, performance, cost and security. If we can see a long term relationship then we’re prepared to invest in that up front as a sign of our commitment to you.

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5 Steps to a Successful AWS Migration

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