About us

Promises are kept by people, not technology

Our promise is to help you run your business better.

Your Mission Is Our Mission

Your mission?
To improve your customers’ lives with superb products or services.

Our mission?
To demystify, craft, and deploy IT infrastructure solutions that:
1. improve your customers’ experiences…
2. simplify life for you and your team. 
(Experience tells us that to scale you need both.)

So, we’re in this for the game-changers, the visionaries, and the trailblazers. The people who want to go: Further. Faster. Easier.

Ready to conquer the cloud? Let’s do it together.

We Work With The Cloud. 
But We Don’t Have Our Heads In It.

We take the approach that your business is our business. To be frank, if we don’t, we won’t have one. (Not one we’d want to run anyway). 

That means if you have big issues, we won’t shy away from them.

We put ourselves in your shoes and look outside the scope of what the usual tech companies do. 

So, if we’re not the right guys to work with you on a project, we’ll tell you. And if it means we give you advice that will lower your spending with us, we’ll tell you that too. 

Because we don’t just speak tech… 
we speak business too. 

We’re Not Your Average Tech Enthusiasts.

We’re different. 

We’re not just a bunch of young techies excited by AWS and the cloud.

We each have ~30 years of technology experience. We’ve each run our own successful businesses, including Times 100 Tech Track ones.  

At Logicata, we’re not just playing with tech toys. We’re in the business of building better businesses. It’s all about what the tech can do for you — understanding its capabilities and constraints. 

So your business runs smoothly. 
So you can scale. 
At the speed you want to. 

Our Leadership Team

Karl Robinson

(The visionary one)

With a career spanning three decades, Karl’s not just been around the tech block; he’s built and sold parts of it.

He founded, built and sold internet and cloud-hosting companies, including earning his stripes running a business that featured in The Sunday Times Tech Track 100 for four years straight.

Karl founded Logicata because he saw a gap wider than a server room. He understood that while AWS dreams are big, the reality often feels like untangling a web of servers and configurations. So he created a haven where businesses can escape the server chaos and configuration conundrums.

He thinks he’s funny.

Marc Gadsdon

(The “gets it done” one)

Working in IT since 1996, Marc is a sniffer dog for business ideas and possibilities. 

He founded and built several of his own businesses — and not just in IT. So he’s inspired by the opportunities that are unlocked by AWS’s indestructible and infinitely scalable infrastructure building blocks. 

He’s an unusual mix: a visionary strategist with a keen eye for detail. 

That means he can see where you need to go and guide you on the steps to get there. 

He doesn’t wear a cape. 
Sometimes we think he should. 

Adriano Cataluddi

(The big picture one)

Adriano is the tech whisperer. 

With almost 30 years in the game, he’s been the brains behind enterprise-level SaaS solutions and a translator of tech talk for executive boards. 

He isn’t your ordinary tech guru. 

With a deep understanding of the technologies behind the cloud, Adriano is the voice of reason with a commitment to honest advice. 

And he has a talent for seeing the pitfalls. others are blind to. (This saves our clients money and time, over and over again.)

With Adriano, expect clear guidance and integrity that’s as robust as his love of a perfectly cooked plate of spaghetti.

If You’re Into Tech, Scaling Your Business, And Having Fun While You Do It.  We May Just Be A Great Fit For You.