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Logicata is a leading Public Cloud Managed Service Provider.

Our Vision:

"To enable you to adopt Public Cloud in a secure, cost effective and well governed way, to drive the success of your business."

Public Cloud is a Business Opportunity

We believe that Public Cloud represents one of the greatest opportunities in our lifetime for businesses to compete on the global stage.  Technology that was once available exclusively to large enterprise organizations has now been democratized to the point that it is available to anyone with a credit card and an idea. 

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Logicata is here to help you Succeed

Our team of certified cloud experts have decades of experience in both traditional information technology solutions and the latest public cloud technologies.  We leverage this experience to help you extract maximum value from your investment in public cloud by optimizing costs, adopting new technologies & best practices, and ensuring security and compliance.  Companies from all sectors, particularly those in highly regulated industries, rely on Logicata to help them adopt and scale their public cloud deployments while they focus on growing their business.

What our clients say

We’re delighted to have saved 30% on our monthly AWS bills, which will drop straight to our bottom line. I can also sleep easy knowing that our AWS security has been independently verified.
Paul Fletcher | CEO
Great experience with Logicata, they are friendly, supportive and have full control in their domain, Awesome!

Faisal Faridi | Head of Development
DeenTek Solutions

Our Values

Customer first


Win as a team

Accountability & Ownership

EXCEPTIONAL Quality STandards

Cloud Obsession

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We work with a carefully selected set of industry leading vendors bringing you the best tooling available to ensure the availability, efficiency and security of your public cloud workloads.

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