Logicata AppAssure

Application Performance. Managed.

A 24x7x365 Application Performance Management service to ensure the availability & performance of your web applications, while reducing support complexity.

Our Application Performance management Service Includes:

Application Monitoring

24x7 monitoring of the performance & availability of your critical applications.

Release Management

Automated deployment and testing of new software releases.

Database Management

Monitoring & management of commonly used Public Cloud Databases

Incident & Change Management

Management of incidents & changes in accordance with ITIL principles.

Continuous Improvement

SRE lead environment review and Improvement recommendation & implementation

Application Performance MonItoring

Our team are keeping a watchful eye on the performance of your applications – 24x7x365, allowing you to focus on what you do best – running your business.

Application Monitoring

Detect, diagnose, and resolve issues faster with synthetic monitoring, distributed tracing, centralized logging, and high-granularity metrics.

Track Every Request

Understand the experience of your customers using your applications - quickly find traces that match a particular user, customer, error code, endpoint, or service.


Release Management

Maximize the uptime of your business critical applications.

Release Management Cycle

New Software Release Deployment

Logicata will work with your teams to ensure smooth, automated deployments of your latest application code, or new 3rd party application versions.

New Software Release Testing

Once deployed, Logicata will ensure that the new version is performing as expected, and work with your teams to remediate or roll back as appropriate.

Application Patch Management

Logicata will liaise with 3rd party application vendors to apply application security patches.

Database Management

We take care of database performance, patching & upgrades so your team can focus on developing new features and functionality in your business applications.

Microsoft SQL Server

MySQL/Maria DB

Mongo DB


Oracle DB

AWS Aurora

AWS Dynamo DB

Azure Cosmos DB




supported databases

Incident & Change Management

We take routine Application Performance management off your plate so your IT Team can focus on delivering business value. 

application performance

24x7 Incident Management & Resolution

The Logicata support team is available 24x7 to deal with P1 & P2 incidents raised by you or via the Logicata monitoring platform.

Change Management

Logicata Support are available to implement changes to your AWS and Azure environments in accordance with the your change management process.

Vendor Issue Escalation

Where Logicata identifies issues with third party vendor software, our support team will work directly with the vendor to resolve the issue

Supported Application Frameworks

No matter what environment you develop in, we’ve got you covered.









Application Frameworks

Continuous Improvement

We work with your development and IT teams to ensure that your your applications are performing optimally, ensuring the smoothest experience for your your users and customers.

continuous improvement

Improve Reliability, Efficiency & Security

Logicata service delivery managers will work with you, your teams and Logicata support to identify opportunities to improve the reliability of your infrastructure and applications.

Automation of Routine Tasks

Logicata apply DevOps principles to remove manual processes wherever possible to increase the efficiency of your application deployments.

Infrastructure Modernization

Logicata Service Delivery Managers will work with your team to identify modernization opportunities which will increase the efficiency of your application environment.

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