UK Tech Awards 2019

  • 6 min read
Last night I once again had the pleasure of being invited to the annual UK Tech Awards ceremony at the Park Plaza Westminster Hotel in London.  The event is a gathering of the brightest companies in the UK technology industry, together with their investors and advisors.  The event is sponsored by PWC and Silicon Valley Bank, and hosts over 500 guests at a gala black-tie dinner.  This year’s hostess was Babita Sharma, BBC news presenter, who did a great job… Read More »UK Tech Awards 2019

5 Ways to Get Your Data into AWS.

  • 7 min read
So, you’re ready to take the plunge and migrate workloads into AWS.  But you have terabytes or petabytes of data – how are you going to get this from your on-premises datacentre into the AWS cloud?  Don’t worry, of course AWS have a bunch of services that can help you, but which is the right choice for you?  The answer to this question will largely depend on several factors: What is the volume of data to be transferred? What Speed… Read More »5 Ways to Get Your Data into AWS.

What Were the 3 Big Azure Announcements at Microsoft Ignite?

  • 4 min read
These were the key Azure announcements made by Satya Nadella in his opening ‘Vision’ keynote at Microsoft Ignite in Orlando on Monday 4th November.  Azure Arc – Microsoft is now enabling Azure to manage workloads across multiple public clouds, including AWS and Google Cloud Platform.  Microsoft was the first Public Cloud provider to bet big on hybrid cloud with the launch of Azure Stack.  Since then, competitors have been honing their hybrid capabilities – Google with the launch of Anthos,… Read More »What Were the 3 Big Azure Announcements at Microsoft Ignite?

Microsoft Azure Cloud Cost Optimisation Tips

  • 4 min read
So you’ve taken the plunge and migrated workloads into Microsoft Azure.  Azure consumption is on the rise, and the bills are growing month in month out.  So how do you know that you are not over spending on wasted resources?  How can you reassure your finance team that your Azure cloud costs are optimised?  Cloud Cost Optimisation is one of the most important factors when migrating to Azure, and there are free tools available in Azure to assist, plus commercially… Read More »Microsoft Azure Cloud Cost Optimisation Tips

Cloud Computing is too Expensive (Says Mark Zuckerberg)

  • 3 min read
At a recent conference about bio-sequencing, Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, called out that cloud computing costs are getting way too expensive, and that this is holding up advancements in medical research. He specifically called out AWS (Amazon Web Services) and jokingly suggested he may call Amazon founder Jeff Bezos to discuss. Perhaps he has a point in relation to this specific use case – genome sequencing is hugely compute intensive and is an expensive process whether you run it… Read More »Cloud Computing is too Expensive (Says Mark Zuckerberg)

Why do I need a Public Cloud Managed Service Provider?

  • 4 min read
This is a question posed by businesses we speak to – why do I need a Public Cloud Managed Service Provider like Logicata? Why can I not just manage my own cloud? Why should not just deal directly with AWS and Azure and do it all myself? And the answer of course is yes – you can do it yourself, as long as you have access to the necessary skills & tooling that you will need to manage your cloud… Read More »Why do I need a Public Cloud Managed Service Provider?