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AWS Security

Security in AWS is a shared responsibility - AWS is responsible for security 'of' the cloud, and you are responsible for security 'in' the cloud. Let Logicata help you keep your AWS environments secure.

Maintaining the security and compliance of your AWS environment is no mean feat – the threat landscape is constantly evolving, and AWS itself continues to innovate and iterate at pace. We offer a range of assessment, reporting, monitoring and remediation services to help you sleep better at night, knowing that the security of your AWS hosted workloads is in safe hands.

Our AWS Security Services Include

AWS Security Best Practise Checks

Hundreds of best practise checks reported on in real time

Tracking Users & Permissions

Automated tracking of AWS IAM and permissions

Cloud Perimeter Assessment

Dynamic scan of the entire AWS environment to identify all publicly accessible resources, open ports and protocols

Configuration & Change Tracking

Notification of critical changes to configurations, resources and security groups

Continuous Total Compliance

Scoring for 35 regulatory standards including ISO27001 & PCI DSS

Threat & Vulnerability Management

Malware detection, prevention and mitigation, Intrusion detection and prevention

What our clients say

The level of service is exceptional. We are completely free from day-to-day issues allowing us to have a laser focus on our core business.
Paul SPINK | Founder & CEO
Media Attention
We’re delighted to have saved 30% on our monthly AWS bills, which will drop straight to our bottom line. I can also sleep easy knowing that our AWS security has been independently verified.
Paul Fletcher | CEO

AWS Security Best Practise Checks

Logicata runs hundreds of Security Best Practise checks against your AWS infrastructure, and we report on and remediate any non compliance.

Security Groups & Network ACL Rules

We check and report on your Security Group and Network ACL rules, ensure that the Root user is not accessing your AWS account, and find publicly accessible resources.

AWS CloudTrail

We check that AWS CloudTrail is correctly configured to ensure that access to your AWS environment is appropriately logged.

Tracking Users & Permissions

Poorly configured policies are a common source of data breaches.  Logicata will help you to ensure that your business critical data remains private, and your business does not make the headlines for the wrong reasons!


Keep track of all IAM users with admin privileges, and when their credentials were last updated. Be notified of failed login attempts and logins from users without Multi Factor Authentication.


Get a full view of the permissions and policies applied to your EC2 instances and S3 buckets - Access Control Lists, Bucket and IAM policies. Get notified when policies are updated.

Cloud Perimeter Assessment

Logicata will ensure that you have not unintentionally left anything in your AWS environment exposed to the public Internet, to minimise your threat vector.

Publicly Accessible Resources

We identify and report on publicly accessible resources within your AWS account, and help you to identify the rules that may need correcting if it was not your intention for these resources to be made public.

Configuration & Change Tracking

We keep track of changes in your AWS environment daily, so you can easily spot any unexpected changes to your AWS configuration. 

Newly Added Resources

New resources are highlighted Green in the report

Deleted Resources

Deleted resources are highlighted Red in the report

MoDified Resources

Modified resources are highlighted Yellow in the report

Continuous Total Compliance

See how your AWS environment complies with specific controls from 35 separate compliance standards.

Total COmpliance

We compare your AWS configuration against the controls from internationally recognised compliance standards including ISO27001, PCI DSS, HIPAA and SOC2.


The Center for Internet Security (CIS) provides guidelines on how to configure AWS security options - we check your configuration against this benchmark and remediate any non compliance.

Threat & Vulnerability Management

Malware threats are increasing daily – Logicata help you to ensure that your AWS resources are free from malware and vulnerabilities.

Threat Detection & Response

Logicata partner with AlertLogic to offer industry leading Threat Detection & Response for your AWS environment - a proven combination of Intrusion Detection System (IDS), Vulnerability Management and Log Management to span the entire attack vector.

EC2 Instance Anti Virus

Logicata partner with Sophos to offer Gartner Magic Quadrant leading malware protection for your EC2 instance guest operating systems.

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