VMware Cloud On AWS

Discover the flexibility of Hybrid Cloud by connecting your on premises VMware Software Defined Datacenter to the Global Scale of the AWS Public Cloud
vmware cloud on aws

VMware Cloud on AWS is the market leading Hybrid Cloud Solution, delivered and managed by VMware using VMware Software Defined Datacenter Technology, running on the Amazon Web Services global public cloud infrastructure.

Logicata can help you leverage VMware Cloud on AWS to increase flexibility & speed in response to your changing business requirements.

Benefits of VMware Cloud on AWS

Increased Innovation

VMware Cloud on AWS Workloads have direct, private low latency access to AWS services including databases, IoT, AI & ML solutions.

Simplified Operations

VMware customers can simplify hybrid cloud operations by leveraging the same VMware Cloud Foundation technology both on premise and in the AWS cloud.

Enhanced Availability

Bare metal AWS EC2 instances in a single tenant AWS VPC give VMware customers access to the scalability, availability and security of the AWS cloud.

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

Reuse existing investments in tooling. No need for costly application re-factoring to move to a hybrid cloud model. No need to install and manage expensive custom hardware on premise.

What our clients say

We’re delighted to have saved 30% on our monthly AWS bills, which will drop straight to our bottom line. I can also sleep easy knowing that our AWS security has been independently verified.
Paul Fletcher | CEO

VMware Cloud on AWS Use Cases:

Cloud Migrations

Migrate your VMware Cloud to AWS without converting or re-architecting.

Datacenter Extension

Leverage the AWS cloud to expand your datacenter in a cost effective way.

Disaster Recovery

Combine VMware Site Recovery Manager or vSphere replication with AWS Cloud.

Application Modernization

Use private access to AWS services to enrich the architecture of your VMware Cloud on AWS workloads.

Cloud MIgrations

By leveraging VMware Cloud Foundation technology, you can achieve seamless VM migration from on premises vSphere environments to the AWS Cloud.

NSX Live Migration with vMotion

VMware vMotion enables live migration of running virtual machibes from your on premises VMware SDDC to the AWS cloud.

Cloud Migration with VMware HCX

Migrate powered on or off VMs individually or en masse with VMware Hybrid Cloud Extension. Bi-directional migration enables customers to leverage the AWS cloud for burst capacity.

Datacenter Extension

Use the scalability & global reach of the AWS cloud to expand your on premises datacenter in a cost effective way.

Leverage AWS Global Scale

Quickly and cost effectively launch new VMware Cloud on AWS Nodes in any of the 16 supported AWS global regions.

Private Network Connectivity

Use AWS Direct Connect to securely access your VMware Cloud on AWS resources.

Disaster recovery

Combine VMware vSphere replication and Site Recovery Manager to achieve cost reduction, operational efficiency and faster time to protection for disaster recovery and testing

VMware Site Recovery Manager

Spin up a VMware environment quickly in the AWS cloud instead of building disaster recovery targets on premises.

Backup & Restore to AWS with Partner Solutions

Use VMware vendor partner solutions from companies like Veeam, Dell EMC and Commvault to backup on premises VMware data and restore to the AWS cloud.

Application Modernization

Leverage low latency, private network access to AWS services to enrich the architecture of your VMware Cloud on AWS hosted applications.

Connect to AWS Databases

Get direct private low latency access to AWS Relational Database Service (RDS) for SQL databases and Amazon DynamoDB for No SQL databases.

Leverage AWS Data Analytics Services

Analyse your VMware Cloud on AWS hosted data with Amazon Redshift or Elastic Map Reduce.

Modernize your Application Web Tier

Scale out your web tier with AWS Elastic Load Balancer(ELB). Leverage AWS security including AWS Web Application Firewall (WAF) and AWS Shield for Distributed Denial of Service attack (DDoS) mitigation.

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