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AWS Cost Management

Save 30% on your Amazon Web Services run costs.

Our AWS Cost Management service enables you to significantly reduce your cloud costs and maximize your ROI.  Using advanced tooling, we perform a detailed analysis of your AWS environment to help you really understand where and when you are accruing costs. We’ll identify the optimum configurations, resources and instance types you should adopt to reduce wastage and make significant savings to your ongoing bills.

On average, we save our clients 30% of their AWS cloud spend.

Our AWS Cost Management Service Includes:


Rightsize your AWS instances to ensure you only pay for what you need.

INstance Reservation

Purchase reserved instances at the right time to generate significant savings.

Resource Scheduling

Power down non-production resources outside of working hours.

Billing Management & Chargeback

Make sense of every billing detail and and plan for upcoming expenses.

Reporting & Implementation

Receive a monthly report with recommendations, implemented by Logicata cloud experts.


Instance Rightsizing

Rightsizing ensures your AWS cloud environment is lean and efficient by identifying where resources are underutilized.

In Depth Analysis

Our approach is mindful of peaks in demand. We carefully select resources that can safely operate on smaller instance sizes without compromising performance in any way.

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Instance Reservation

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Leverage Long Term Savings

We identify opportunities to purchase reserved EC2 instances - committing to resources in advance can generate significant savings over hourly billing.

Reserved Instance Rebalancing

We ensure that all your purchased reserved instances are being fully utilized.

Resource Scheduling

Reduce costs in idle periods

We'll show you when you are accruing most costs and how to reduce spend at other times of the day.

Power Down Non Production Resources

We can automate the power on/power off schedule for development and test environments to save 60-70% of run costs.


Billing Management & ChargebacK

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Understand Complex Cloud Billing

Our billing management tools help you to understand the increasingly complex world of public cloud billing.

Ensure Resources are Charged Back

By implementing a detailed tagging policy, Logicata can ensure that you are able to charge back cloud resources to the appropriate teams within your business.

Reporting & Implementation

Cost Management Report

We produce a detailed cost management report with actionable recommendations to help you keep your AWS cloud costs under control.

Recommendation Implementation

Logicata cloud experts can carefully action all recommendations in accordance with your existing change management processes, to ensure that your AWS cloud costs are optimized.

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What our clients say

We were amazed at how much we could save by making just a few changes to our platform.
Paul SPINK | Founder & CEO
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We’re delighted to have saved 30% on our monthly AWS bills, which will drop straight to our bottom line.
Paul Fletcher | CEO
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