AWS DynamoDB vs MongoDB: A NoSQL Comparison

  • 10 min read

In this post we explore 2 giants of the NoSQL Database world – DynamoDB from Amazon Web Services, and MongoDB.   We’ll take a look at what NoSQL actually means, then examine the  2 different offerings, looking at the pros & cons of each.  Each of course has their advantages and disadvantages – your choice is likely to be guided by your long term cloud strategy and the specific requirements of… Read More »AWS DynamoDB vs MongoDB: A NoSQL Comparison

AWS Reliability Pillar

AWS Reliability – A Core Pillar of Your Architecture

  • 8 min read

In this post I’m going to give an overview of the AWS Well Architected Framework, then give a deep dive on the Reliability pillar, which is one of the 5 core pillars that should underpin your AWS architecture. AWS Well Architected Framework The AWS Well Architected Framework is a series of best practise principles, designed by AWS, to help customers compare their AWS environments against these best practises and identify… Read More »AWS Reliability – A Core Pillar of Your Architecture

Combat Covid-19 With 3 Free AWS Homeworking Solutions

  • 5 min read

It’s fair to say that the world was unprepared for a global pandemic such as Covid-19.  We’ve seen outbreaks in the past – SARS, Ebola, but nothing that has spread so quickly and with such far reaching consequences.  Bill Gates told us in 2015 that we were not ready for such a global outbreak and he was right – all around the world healthcare systems are struggling to cope, and people are… Read More »Combat Covid-19 With 3 Free AWS Homeworking Solutions

Public Cloud Migration

What are the 6 R’s of Cloud Migration?

  • 4 min read

When looking to migrate your on-premises IT infrastructure and applications to the public cloud, there are 6 strategies that you can adopt. It is important to analyze your existing application portfolio and categorizethem against the 6 Rs so you can build out your public cloud migration plan.  The 6 Rs were originally devised by Amazon Web Services but are now widely adopted by cloud managed service providers regardless of the… Read More »What are the 6 R’s of Cloud Migration?

UK Tech Awards 2019

  • 6 min read

Last night I once again had the pleasure of being invited to the annual UK Tech Awards ceremony at the Park Plaza Westminster Hotel in London.  The event is a gathering of the brightest companies in the UK technology industry, together with their investors and advisors.  The event is sponsored by PWC and Silicon Valley Bank, and hosts over 500 guests at a gala black-tie dinner.  This year’s hostess was… Read More »UK Tech Awards 2019