Karl Robinson

Director and Co-Founder of Logicata, an AWS Managed Services Provider. Over 20 years experience in the internet & cloud industry. Closet geek, AWS & Azure certified.

AWS Migration with AWS Server Migration Service

  • 3 min read
Server Migration Service (SMS) from AWS is an agentless service that enables customers to simplify the AWS Migration process by automatically replicating live server volumes from their on premises servers in to AWS.  AMIs (Amazon Machine Images) are automatically created from the replicated volumes, which can be used to launch the servers as AWS EC2 instances.  SMS can be used to migrate live running server instances from VMware, HyperV and Microsoft Azure environments. How does AWS Server Migration Service Work?… Read More »AWS Migration with AWS Server Migration Service

AWS Migration in 5 Simple Steps

  • 4 min read
Migrating your on premises workloads to AWS may seem like a daunting task to the uninitiated.  It is however a process that has been repeated by many AWS customers, and one which has evolved and been refined over the years.  Here I’m going to outline the 5 major steps to an AWS Migration to demystify the process. Step 1 – Evaluation – Understand the Why? Many cloud migration projects have been doomed to fail because businesses have simply jumped on… Read More »AWS Migration in 5 Simple Steps

AWS Price Reductions January 2020

  • 3 min read
Cloud Endure Disaster Recovery. AWS has recently announced what amounts to an 80% price drop of their Cloud Endure disaster recovery software, used for replicating on premise workloads to the cloud for DR purposes. Prior to the price, drop, the list price for Cloud Endure was $45 -$99 per server per month, depending on number of servers and term commitment.  The recent announcement has converted Cloud Endure to ‘on demand’ pricing of $0.028 per server per hour, which equates to… Read More »AWS Price Reductions January 2020

AWS EC2 – Everything You Need to Know About EC2 Instances

  • 11 min read
EC2 is short for Elastic Compute Cloud, and it is Amazon Web Services IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) offering, enabling developers to gain easy access to compute resources in the AWS cloud. AWS offer 275 instances all with set configurations of CPU, RAM, storage type and network performance.  They are grouped into categories of instance types which are optimized for different compute workloads. Fight Dr McPixie! A Cloud Guru have an amusing mnemonic in their AWS training programs to help… Read More »AWS EC2 – Everything You Need to Know About EC2 Instances

What’s All the Fuss About VMware Cloud on AWS?

  • 6 min read
VMware Cloud on AWS has been in the market for over 2 years now, but what exactly is it, and why might a business consider using VMware Cloud on AWS rather than simply migrating all workloads directly to AWS? Let’s take a closer look at VMware Cloud on AWS and try to answer this question. Firstly, let’s look at how VMware itself is looking to transform as a business. According to VMware ‘Within 2 years VMware Cloud Services will be… Read More »What’s All the Fuss About VMware Cloud on AWS?

6 key Announcements from the AWS re:Invent Global Partner Summit

  • 4 min read
Today saw the AWS re:Invent Global Partner Summit Keynote delivered by Doug Yeum, Head of Worldwide Channels and Alliances at Amazon Web Services.  After showcasing partner solutions from Amdocs and partner successes with BP, there were a number of announcements, as you would expect from a Keynote!   Don’t have time to view the whole keynote?  Here is a quick summary of the key announcements.   1. BP Going All-In on AWS BP have announced that they are going ‘All In’ on… Read More »6 key Announcements from the AWS re:Invent Global Partner Summit

21 Brand New AWS Services Announced by Andy Jassy at re:Invent 2019

  • 9 min read
Today, AWS CEO Andy Jassy launched the annual AWS re:Invent conference with his 3 hour long keynote addressing the 65,000 attendees.  With the CEO of Goldman Sachs DJing before the event, and the re:Invent band introducing Andy’s announcements there was plenty of razzmatazz.  Don’t have time to watch the 3 hour replay?  Here are the key product launch announcements. 1. New Graviton EC2 instance TYpes Andy announced the launch of new M6g, R6g and C6g instance types powered by the… Read More »21 Brand New AWS Services Announced by Andy Jassy at re:Invent 2019

UK Tech Awards 2019

  • 6 min read
Last night I once again had the pleasure of being invited to the annual UK Tech Awards ceremony at the Park Plaza Westminster Hotel in London.  The event is a gathering of the brightest companies in the UK technology industry, together with their investors and advisors.  The event is sponsored by PWC and Silicon Valley Bank, and hosts over 500 guests at a gala black-tie dinner.  This year’s hostess was Babita Sharma, BBC news presenter, who did a great job… Read More »UK Tech Awards 2019